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Ecotoro Energia was established in 1998, working with Portuguese timbers, namely eucalyptus, pine wood and wood forest wastes. Since 2002 Ecotoro Energia started investing in biomass systems in Portugal, it completed technical viability studies and economic and logistic analysis to implement biomass systems for heating water in the agri-food industry and sanitary waters and install central heating systems in small, medium and large buildings.

In 2006 Ecotoro Energia installed the first biomass boiler in a building previously heated with diesel heating.

Ecotoro Energia’s first contract for the supply of thermic energy dates back to 2009, when it installed a biomass system in a building of considerable dimensions which is used as a third age support infrastructure. Ecotoro Energia supported all equipment costs associated with this installation, the system maintenance and biomass logistic work are also on-going responsibilities of Ecotoro Energia. The customer is only responsible for the monthly costs associated with the KWh consumed.

Ecotoro Energia biomassa equipment can heat water up to 100º C.

The viability of steam systems installations must be assessed on a case by case basis.

The production and commercialisation of thermic energy derived from biomass is now Ecotoro Energia’s main activity and its strategy for the future.

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Ecotoro Energia, your Portuguese partner specialising in the production and supply of thermic energy derived from biomass.